T3 is a training program that builds a team’s performance through combat simulation using outdoor laser tag. T3 is serious training, and serious fun

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Ideal for any kind of team - corporate, sports, or military - where performance really matters

Serious training, Serious fun

T3 is a structured program that draws on the High Consequence Decision Making (HCD) initiative first developed for the Royal Australian Air Force, the US Navy’s ‘Tactical Decision Making Under Stress’ (TADMUS) research, and aviation’s ‘Crew Resource Management’ (CRM) which highlights the five key dimensions of team performance.

While the program has a serious objective, we drive engagement in the training through the immense fun of laser tag. It’s an experience you should try at least once, you will not regret it, no one does, that’s a promise.

A training program
born out of tragedy

On July 3rd 1987, a Sunday morning, the Captain of US Navy warship the USS Vincennes ordered the launch of two missiles to shoot down Iran Air civilian airliner Flight IR 655 making its regular scheduled run across the Persian Gulf to Dubai - 297 civilians died instantly.

In response to the tragedy, US Navy research identified the key dimensions of team performance in complex, fast-moving, and high stress situations. This research forms the foundation for the T3 Program, which can be applied by any team.

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story behind T3

how to build up your team’s performance

when failure is not an option

Your team will be able to test their ability to apply T3 skills where it counts the most, when the stakes are at their highest.

T3 uses the same HCD principles that have been taken up by defence, emergency services, as well as ground and air crews, as part of their training curriculums and capacity building programs.

T3 generates a learning experience that transfers easily to your context. Classroom sessions to consolidate gains in team performance are also an option. Contact us for more details on T3 and HCD classroom based training programs


Simulate the conditions where the consequences of error can be catastrophic, where performance really matters


Journey through the team processes and elements of decision making that separate success from failure


Navigate through complex situations that require yes/no, go/no go decisions which once taken, are irreversible.

how well do team members know one another?

how well do they communicate?

how far do they trust each other?

do they support one another when its needed?

do they pick up each other’s mistakes in time?

Does your team face these challenges?

T3 is designed to tackle the following challenges through exercise formats that bring each one out in turn, making it the key to success for that exercise.

Teams develop proficiency by practicing the critical Team Processes that address these problems, building and combining them over time to improve their overall performance


No one knows each other, their background, experience, what they are capable of, their ability to cope with stress or fatigue


Information between team members, does not reach those who need it, is not clear in its meaning or in the appropriate format

Trust is low

Members have doubts and disagreements over the team’s course but are not raising them, mistakes are hidden, help is not asked for even though it is needed


Consideration is not being given to others facing critical moments, or being overloaded with tasks, assistance given is grudging or not actually helpful

The team is off track

Mistakes are being made, there are misunderstandings, violations of procedure or ethics, but no one is picking any of this up