How T3 Training Works

T3 employs outdoor laser tag to develop the key dimensions that mark out high performing teams. T3 does so with specially designed exercise formats that focus on each of the HCD Team Processes dimensions in turn.

The basic principle is – if you do this well then you will win, if you don’t you will lose

Exercise Formats building key performance dimensions

T3’s program of exercise formats build up a team’s capability by developing proficiency in each of the key performance dimensions. The training is self-paced and progressive. Formats are repeated until such time as the dimension has been successfully mastered, and then a new exercise format is rolled out to highlight another Team Process.

Develops all-around capability

Earlier Team Processes are included in the new formats so that over time the team develops an all-round capability to perform at the highest level. Combat conditions become harder becomes tougher, but the team’s ability to cope and overcome any challenge grows in turn.

Immense fun with defined measurable outcomes

Outdoor laser tag is immense fun. T3 has adapted this form of combat simulation to create a structured learning program with defined outcomes and measures of performance. The skills learnt are generic and apply in any team working context. T3 is easily transferred to the workplace, the sports field, or the battlespace.

No pre-requisites and suitable for all

There are no pre-requisites for T3 training. A classroom component is available but optional at the start. T3 is suitable for all fitness levels, ages, and for teams at any performance standard.

Advanced T3

At more advanced levels, T3 integrates into the HCD and Team Process Frameworks, making up a practical and outdoor addition to the scenario-based training contained in those programs.

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